In shocking twist of event, millionaire who recently found out he’s not father of his 3 children after 21 years of marriage, has offered reward to unmask the real father of his three boys. Richard Mason, 55, plans to write a book revealing how he was tricked by ex-wife Kate, who has been told to pay him £250,000 for her deception into the shocking twist of events

Shocking twist where millionaire finds he is no father

He is said to be in torment and wants her on-off lover and the real father to come forward “for the sake of the boys”. His new wife, Emma, 46, told reporters: “Richard is hoping to write a book. In it he will offer a financial reward to anyone who can identify the real father.” Richard, co-founder of, divorced Kate in 2006. He gave her a £4million settlement and paid her £3,000 a month to help bring up the boys.

But two years ago he discovered he had lung disorder cystic fibrosis and had been infertile all his life. DNA tests confirmed Richard was not the father of their 19-year-old twin boys although their eldest, now 23, refused to take part.

Shocking twist where millionaire finds he is no father

He also won a court battle to get her to return £250,000 of the divorce settlement. Richard, who now lives with Emma in Rhos-on-Sea, Conwy, is also calling for routine DNA testing of babies to prevent paternity disputes in future. Kate, who lives in a gated £1million home in Uttoxeter, Staffs, was not available for comment.

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