Popular snake preacher bitten by his snake in church. This is the startling moment a controversial American pastor, whose father was killed after being bitten by a snake, is himself attacked by a serpent.

Cody Coots is the pastor at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name church in Middlesboro, Kentucky – one of America’s last remaining snake-handling churches.

During his sermon, Pastor Coots can be seen handling a snake as he preaches to his congregation.

Snake preacher bitten by snake

While holding the creature aloft, it snaps it jaw at the preacher’s ear – causing blood to splatter down his light-blue shirt.

Unconcerned, Pastor Coots continues his speech, telling the members attending the service to: ‘Keep playing’ and ‘I’m not worried at all. God’s a healer, I’m not worried’.

Yet it is soon apparent that Pastor Coots is becoming increasingly affected by the snake’s bite as blood rushes down his face – no matter how many times he wipes it away with a cloth.

Soon he is choking and has to be carried out of the church by its members.

He was taken to hospital where doctors told him he could have been ‘killed’ after the snake came close to severing the temporal artery.

Yet he has now reportedly started re-evaluate his life in the wake of this incident.

One of the men to take him to hospital, Big Cody, told Barcroft TV: ‘Most people bit in the face are dead in five, ten minutes. I mean, his own daddy got bit in the hand and within seven minutes was dead.’

Pastor Coot’s father, Jamie Coots, 42, was handling a rattlesnake at very same church during one of his sermons in 2014 when he was bitten on the hand and died.

Snake preacher bitten in his church


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